Amal Kahani (my little journey of learning)

I joined the Amal career-prep fellowship with a little knowledge about even fellowship. I got the little idea about fellowship from the Ad of Amal fellowship. I was focused on learning leadership, teamwork and communication skills while joining Amal. After becoming part of Amal fellowship, my whole persona changed. I got to learn a lot more than just soft skills, I also learnt technical skills. But in addition to all these, I came to know amazing fellows with great diversity of background. The most adorable part of the fellowship are PM and PA who have been the most selfless human beings I have ever met. Both of them worked really hard on us in order to get the best out of us. I will remain grateful to them for showing kindness, appreciation and love towards us.

A lovely memory from the session

If I reflect back on my little journey of 2.5 months, I just have a beautiful period of my life, full of experiences, fun and productivity.

For me the most important and the most learning experience was applying Pomodoro technique. If you are wondering what that is, here is picture which shows the steps to be followed.

Steps to be followed for Pomodoro technique
My Priority-Matrix

Once we had to do an activity “Eat that frog”, in which we had to first make a priority-matrix by categorizing our to do tasks of the week. Then, we had to select urgent and important tasks which we had to complete in a day by using Pomodoro technique. I followed the instructions carefully and applied that technique and as a result got to complete half of my Final Year Project.

Through this activity I was able to live a complete day of productivity. That activity not only changed my methodology while completing tasks but also changed my mindset. Because I used to think that only under the pressure of deadlines, I work productively. But this whole exercise changed my perception that one can learn to be productive.

Online weekend session

After the detailed discussion on Pomodoro and priority-matrix in weekend sessions, any ambiguity that was left got clear. The great insights and peer feedback helped in further learning and gave a great idea on how to incorporate this technique effectively in daily life. The activity on working on PWs and for the completion of courses what techniques can bee followed( for being more productive). After this experience, I realized that being productive and non-productive are also 2 choices in our lives. Fortunately, I get to learn to be productive through the Amal fellowship.

In short, we definitely lack Amal (Urdu word means action) in our lives. And that is the most important takeaway from my experience of this fellowship. Now, if I have to describe fellowship in a few words I will say that this is not just a career-prep fellowship but is a whole process of personality development.

By sharing my story, I want other people to start working on their skills with or without help from others and kill their procrastination by just taking action for that.

Intellect is your shield devotion is your sword