Word journey consists of challenges, failures, successes, moments, feelings and learnings. As in a small trip, you get to experience all these. Similarly, in our lifelong journey, we also experience challenges, success, failure, some beautiful moments, some not so beautiful moments :( and most importantly we get to learn lots of things. I also took a ride on a small trip of Amal-fellowship. That was a bumpy ride, as you can see in the video, but that was worth riding.

And just like every ride ends at its destination, this small journey also came to an end. Last Sunday, we…

Beauty of moments is that even after a long time, they still remain fresh in these memories. And their impact lasts for life till the last breath. The functioning of our minds is very complex. Sometimes after seeing an object/picture, it takes you to that moment in a flash. I also have a collection of pictures which reminds me of the previous moments.

Famous quotation of Demetri Martin

I joined the Amal career-prep fellowship with a little knowledge about even fellowship. I got the little idea about fellowship from the Ad of Amal fellowship. I was focused on learning leadership, teamwork and communication skills while joining Amal. After becoming part of Amal fellowship, my whole persona changed. I got to learn a lot more than just soft skills, I also learnt technical skills. But in addition to all these, I came to know amazing fellows with great diversity of background. The most adorable part of the fellowship are PM and PA who have been the most selfless human…

We’ll have a built in feature called procrastination but the difference among us lies in the consequences of such procrastination. We’ll procrastinate at different levels but we also get affected by this behavior differently. I’ve always been that person who works just right before deadline. But I always had a great outcome in doing so. May be the reason behind this is that I didn’t over procrastinated in my life. And another reason that I found while completing “Productivity-course” is a POMODORO technique; that I’ve been practicing my whole life without even realizing.

But looking into details I’ve found that…

Amal tips for growth mindset development/Amal totkay is a really effective strategy to bring change in your mindset. whether it’s for a fixed mindset or for the further improvement of growth mindset.

Every tip contains an essence of development in it. KHUDI/ self reflection is the most effective one which is also a principle of progress. An optimistic approach is necessary to make anything happen. Because half of the challenge in the journey of success is mind game.

After reading these five tips I remembered a motivational song which is relatable :) and its lyrics are:

This is ten percent…

Aware people about the health issues and social taboos ;enable them to address such problems and take best action regarding that.

In Pakistan, people are unaware of their rights, needs and they aren’t even aware of their health issues. due to lack of awareness, social taboos and stereotype behavior emerge. Having a healthy environment and good health are the basic needs of people. Unfortunately people are unable to realize the importance and need of health. Health issues are getting advanced with the passage of time. …

My first goal was to give 30 minutes to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

it’ll help me in my future interviews.

due to extreme study pressure i wasn’t able to improve my basic knowledge of drugs. because for examination purpose I’d to complete all syllabi instead of focusing on important information.

And I’m feeling motivated to complete this first task in journey toward my goals.

First I've sorted out important books regarding this task.

I’ve prioritize some books

in hectic routine, giving 30 minutes was really challenging. i’m still failing to do so. But i hope I’ll complete this task by next week.

It’s more obvious to me that “in way of your dreams; the only hurdle is only YOU”.

My next process will be applying for internships :)

Being so, immersed in our lives. we don’t get the privilege to say thank you to people whom matter the most. But this activity privileged me to be thankful to an important person who’ve been with me through every thick and thins of life.

We look for good friends and best friend but that person has been a true friend to me. My uni-mate and my friend Masooma Tanveer.

After watching tons of YouTube tutorials i finally made a card for her. Here it’s :)

fixing and improving my surrounding.

first have a look at what can be fixed?

before fixation

so, this is a view of my drawing room. the things that i consider to be fixed are:

place the charger in a fine manner

fix cushions

adjust the tilted lamp.

while doing a course in Amal fellowship, a DIY activity came across. For performing that DIY activity, I was privileged to do random acts of kindness in24 hours. it really made my day. I’m sure it’ll inspire others to do the same.

  1. called my mother
My mother was away from home at my sister’s place. so, i called her and asked her how she’s doing. i’m sure she’ll be happy for my concern.

2. thanked brother for his efforts

Erum Munir

Intellect is your shield devotion is your sword

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